2 World Famous Music Artists Coming Together for One Incredible Estate Sale Overflowing with Designer Clothing, Accessories, Furniture, and Collectables

2 World Famous Music Artists Coming Together for One Incredible Estate Sale Overflowing with Designer Clothing, Accessories, Furniture, and Collectables


This is an amazing sale.  Two world famous music artists are coming together and having a huge sale!!  Wow!!  There is something for everyone. Here are the details….

The estate has an amazing collection of contemporary furniture and collectables.  The furniture includes, but is not limited to, two contemporary cowhide wingback chairs, a beautiful velour white sofa with matching sofa chair, an aluminum and leather bullet driving chair, a white leather sectional sofa, a large memory foam chair with matching ottoman, multiple dining sets, multiple California King bedroom sets, an electronic Tempur-Pedic bed, an Asian buffet, multiple designer mirrors, a Versace accent table with matching floor mirror, multiple modern desks, multiple immaculate velour accent chairs of all different styles, bar stools, multiple mirrored dressers and side tables, a buffet, a large gold gilded cabinet, a down sofa, multiple accent tables, multiple 3D flatscreen tvs, multiple dressers, multiple designer contemporary rugs, a large Buddha wall art piece, Floor mirrors, lamps, multiple modern pieces of art,  multiple faux plants, and more.

There are a number of outdoor furniture items.  There is a metal sectional sofa, a red leather sectional sofa, a modern glass and chrome bar with bar stools, multiple mosaic table and chair sets, multiple Kreiss lounge chairs with a matching table and chairs set, and more.

There are over fifteen exquisite crystal chandeliers and crystal wall sconces.  These are simply out of this world.  The details are breathtaking.

There are so many rare and one of a kind items.  There are limited edition bicycles, skateboards, art pieces, a Roberto Cavalli mink fur teddy bear,  a vintage Ms. Pacman machine and collectables.

The collection does not stop there.  There are multiple basketball hoops, multiple wine refrigerators, a safe, puzzle piece gym flooring, motorcycle vests, designer motorcycle helmets, and so many designer children’s items.

There are life sized Egyptian Statues and smaller decorative Egyptian items.  Really fun stuff!

There is also a large collection of designer and couture men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.

Please note there are mostly men’s clothing items.  There are not many women’s clothing items.

The men’s items include designer clothing, shoes, hats, bags, and accessories.  There are so many brand new t-shirts, shirts, hats, and shoes that are brand new with price tags.  There are hundreds of pairs of brand new basketball shoes such as Air Jordan’s, LA Gear’s, and more.  Everything is immaculate!

The women’s items include clothing.  There are women’s designer and couture clothing items.  There are brand new bathing suits and two custom made full length fox fur coats.  Wow!!

The men’s and women’s clothing items are all a size small or medium.

There are a number of electronic items, gym items, bedding, household goods and beautiful decorative items. Something for everyone!

Everything is in immaculate condition and the details are truly amazing.

There is so much to see!