Buy at an Estate Sale

Whether you are looking for that perfect piece to compliment your room or looking to decorate an entire house, we have you covered.

AES of LA holds estate sales all over the Los Angeles area. Most of these sales include high end items such as antiques, bronzes, fine china, porcelain, collectibles, crystal, art, designer clothes and accessories, fine rugs, jewelry and much more.

Estate sales are where you find the best things, those things that people would never want to part with, until they have to.

What is an Estate Sale?

Is this when Great Aunt Anna passes away and the family has a sale to sell off her lifetime collection of porcelain cats and needlepoint family portraits? Maybe this is when the Smith family is moving across country and they have a sale to sell the big bulky pieces of furniture that are too expensive to move with them? Or maybe this is when Jim and Jane have a sale to finally clear out all of that stuff, that no one wants, that has been sitting in their garage for the past 10 years? Our answer to you is …… not anymore!

We are here to set the record straight.

An estate sale occurs when Great Aunt Anna, world famous actress and starlet, passes away and a sale is conducted to sell her lifetime collection of brilliant costumes, immaculate and one of a kind movie memorabilia, vintage Hermes bags, Jewelry by the top designers made specifically for the starlet, top of the line Mid-Century furniture and collectibles, and of course the occasional porcelain cat.

An estate sale also occurs when Mr. and Mrs. Smith, top movie producer and fashion designer, are moving across country and due to their very busy lives decide to sell almost everything, simply because they do not have the time to pack it and move it. In the process a sale is conducted which includes very high end modern furniture, multiple exotic cars, original Picasso paintings, walk in closets filled with couture clothing, designer Louboutin shoes that have never been worn, and jewelry that is simply out of this world!
An estate sale also occurs when Jim and Jane, International Importers, are downsizing from their 7 bedroom estate to a 3 bedroom condominium on the beach because their kids have moved off to college. In the process an estate sale is conducted to sell everything in their home which includes flat screen TVs that have barely been used, theatre quality speakers and stereo equipment, designer furniture that was handpicked by an interior designer who decorated rooms that were never used, top of the line kitchen items, and multiple one of a kind collectibles from all over the world.

Estate Sales are Also, The Green and Eco Friendly Way to Shop and Decorate Your Home.

There are so many companies out there who stress the fact that they make their products using green and eco friendly methods and ingredients. These companies are all great and are making a real effort to make a positive impact. However, there is more that can be done.
The truth is that hundreds of pounds of clothing, shoes, furniture, and household goods make their way to the dump every year. This is the number we need to try to get down if we want to make an even bigger positive impact. Estate sales help us to do this.

Estate sales provide an environment where consumers can come together and shop the greenest and easiest way possible. An estate sale allows an individual to take home and enjoy an item that another individual no longer has a use for. Plus the added bonus is that the individual buying the item is getting this item at a great price and the person selling the item is putting money in their pocket. You are helping the environment and your budget. Everyone wins. Amazing!

Estate sales are the green and eco friendly way to shop and decorate your home. You just need to find the estate sales that have the good stuff, like we do. Then you are doing your part for the environment, your budget, and your home decor.

Here is just a thought…. The items being sold at an estate sale have already used the resources needed when they were initially made. If these items were initially made by companies utilizing green and eco friendly methods and materials and then recycled via an estate sale, imagine the positive impact we could make.

Estate sales are so much more than what people think.

You can get so many incredible things at an estate sale. You just need to find the right estate sale company. You need to look out for high-end estate sale companies who specialize in one of a kind estates, like we do. That is where you truly find the good stuff.

Please see the image gallery below for a small sample of the things you can find at an estate sale.