Estate Sale & Consignment Services

AES of LA, an estate sale company serving the Los Angeles area

Auctions and Estate Sales of Los Angeles is one of the top estate sale companies in the L.A. area. With over a decade of experience in the field, we get your items sold. We pride ourselves on our reputation and have a vast network of interior designers, collectors, stagers, art dealers, antique dealers, and other private parties  we work with which allows us to locate the best buyer for each estate item.

Auctions and Estate Sales of Los Angeles offers  a wide array of personalized and professional services. We understand this is a difficult time for the families involved and our team will handle the entire estate sale process, beginning to end, leaving you free to handle other matters during this transition period.

We have a team of highly experienced professionals who take pride in what they do. Each estate is unique. Our team takes pride in understanding this uniqueness. Our team has the expertise to value and sell these unique items which may include jewelry, art, couture clothing, antiquities, mid century furnishings, modern furnishings, musical instruments, cars and so much more.

When you hire AES of LA to handle your estate sale, rest assured that you are in good hands. We are proud to have nothing but top notch customer reviews on both Google Business and Yelp. We are fully insured and bonded and are here to provide the solution for all of your estate sale needs. Our goal at Auctions and Estate Sales of Los Angeles is to take the stress out of the estate sale process.


We make it easy and simple for you to select the services that best suit your needs.

We offer:

  • Estate Sale services
  • Individual item consignment
  • Online Sales
  • Auction services
  • Liquidation services

We have developed an estate sale process that takes all of the stress and hassle out of the picture. This process is customized for each individual in order to meet each individual client’s needs. Whether you are downsizing, liquidating a business, selling the assets of a loved one, moving, or simply redecorating, we are here to help.

The estate sale process

Once you are ready to get started with your estate sale, we will be there to guide you through the entire process beginning to end.  AES of LA will handle all the details.

Step 1 – Complimentary Consultation

We understand that every individual who calls us has a different and unique situation. We utilize the complimentary consultation as an opportunity for you to get all of your questions answered and for us to understand exactly what you are looking for so that we can customize a plan than works best for you. At this point together we will decide if an estate sale event, consignment/auction, or a combination of both best suites your needs.

Step 2 – Estate Sale Event, Consignment & Auction

If we all decide that an estate sale event best suites your needs the following steps will take place:

  • Schedule – Together we will schedule a date for the event. Each event usually runs between two and three days.
  • Staging – The goal of our team is to stage your home or business as a showroom. This provides the best shopping experience for our shoppers and in return provides the highest return for your items. Staging usually takes between five and seven days.
  • Pricing – Each item will be marked with a price tag. We have a team of researchers and a network of appraisers that we work with closely to ensure each of your items are being priced in accordance with today’s fair market value.
  • Photography – We have a professional photographer who will take extensive photos for proper advertising of the sale.
  • Event Staffing – All events will have a cashier, a security guard, and as many sales associates as needed.
  • Advertising – We have a network of people who we advertise to. We are members of several online advertising sites and publications and have established relationships with buyers from all over the world. Our extensive outreach allows us to reach a large audience.
  • Signage – On the day of the sale, professional signs will be strategically placed around your neighborhood to ensure maximum attendance, if the city allows.

In some situations our trained team will identify certain items that are better suited for consignment or auction. In these cases our team will collect these items and sell them in the appropriate manner.

Step 3 – Accounting and Clean-Out

Once the Estate Sale Event has ended and/or the consignment/auction has ended/closed, our CPA will prepare a full accounting detail. The accounting detail will itemize every item that was sold, the gross amount realized for each item, the total fees incurred, and the total net proceeds.

At the end of the sale our team will box up any remaining items for donation pick-up. We will schedule the donation pick-up and monitor the pick-up to ensure all items are removed from the property. Any items not accepted for donation will be disposed of. An itemized charity donation receipt will be obtained for tax purposes.

Our team is specialized and trained to take the estate sale process from start to finish. There are no upfront fees for our services. Our commission based fee is deducted from the gross total at the end of your sale. We bring the expertise and skill to make this estate sale process as simple and effective as possible.

At the end of the day, we truly care. We have a personal investment in each of our clients which is why we always go one step ahead.

Be sure to also check out the AES of LA Yelp page to see what our past customers say about our services.


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