Bel Air Estate Sale Overflowing with Incredible and Rare Art, Furniture, and Collectables

Bel Air Estate Sale Overflowing with Incredible and Rare Art, Furniture, and Collectibles

This is a beautiful estate with an amazing collection of contemporary, traditional, and antique art, furniture and collectibles.  The furniture includes, but is not limited to, multiple dressers, marble topped side consoles, wood and leather accent chairs, multiple ornate wardrobes, multiple accent chairs with cane accents, an inlaid secretary desk, multiple book shelves, an ornate inlaid marble topped hutch or console, beautiful display cabinets, a mid-century rocking chair, multiple accent tables, mirrors, multiple sofas, am antique European dining table, marble pillars, multiple exquisite antique lamps, a large wooden outdoor table with 14 chairs, multiple coffee tables, accent chairs, multiple handmade rugs, and more.

There are so many beautiful pieces of art.

The artwork includes multiple antique religious iconic paintings and collectibles. There is a framed 13th Century medieval illuminated manuscript leaf from a Missal, in Latin, on vellum. The details are really something!

The house is overflowing with original antique and vintage oil paintings and drawings from all over the world. Some of the artists include but are not limited to Charles Acar and Jerry Schendel. There are so many! The art items are all framed in beautiful ornate frames that just compliment the art perfectly.

There are original sculptures from artists such as Gianfranco M. Guerra, Nicolas Joosten, Susan Midori Yamasaki, Henry Moore, and more.

There are a number of mantle clocks as well as grandfather clocks. There are crystal and bronze candelabras, bronzes, menorahs, a Ghana fertility doll, a Japanese wedding kimono, multiple nautical items, antique model boats, antique embroidered art, vintage tin toys, wall sconces, Asian art and collectibles, antique instruments, and so many other unique and one of a kind items.

The collection does not stop there.  There are so many incredible collectibles.  There are so many beautiful porcelain and crystal items. The porcelain includes Havilland, Limoges, Noritake, Johnson Bros, and many other designer names. There are beautiful glass items from designers such as Galle and Petrache.

There are many Italian and English porcelain and pottery items.

There is a Yamaha baby grand piano and a full size pool table w/ accessories.

There are a large number of art and architecture books, handmade table linens, bedding, kitchen items, and household goods. Something for everyone!

Everything is in immaculate condition and the details are truly amazing.

There is so much to see!