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Mount Olympus 1 DAY ONLY Blowout Clearance Sale!
By Popular Demand We Have Decided to Produce a One Day Final Sale at the¬†Breathtaking Estate Located in Mount Olympus with Traditional and Retro Furniture, Decorative Household¬†Items, …

AES of LA operates under the notion that we only have one world and the services we offer exist to aid in the greater good of the planet. Whether you are shopping second-hand, selling your goods, or cleaning your space with us, you are collaborating in the effort to sustain our planet.

Purchasing second-hand goods helps reduces waste, consumption of resources, carbon emissions and the use of harmful substances in all levels of manufacturing. Donating your goods will give to those less fortunate, with proceeds going to charity. Recycling and clearing your spaces will lead to your overall health improvement, mental clarity and freedom.

We thank each and every one of you for your efforts, big or small and we look forward to helping you, help us all.


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